December 15, 2019

Mocity Attorney

Mocity Attorney is your reliable step-by-step guide through the divorce process. We cannot replace the help of an attorney, but we try to clarify complicated divorce issues and legal terms so that you could feel confident deciding how to arrange a dissolution process.

Do you really need contesting your divorce? Are you a good candidate for a so-called do-it-yourself divorce and capable of coping with the procedure without a lawyer at all? How can you ease a divorce process? Are there any options which allow resorting to some professional help just regarding the particular stages of the process? We are going to answer you these and many other questions and support your will to be concerned and well informed about such an important (though not easy) event of your life. You can trust all the information we provide since we cooperate only with the best divorce specialists who are experienced and aware of the most frequent questions the divorcing couples usually have as well as mistakes they often make.