August 21, 2019

Category: Divorce and money

Cheap Divorce in Indiana: Is It a Myth or Reality?

Marriage, as inspired to us from childhood, is the most influential union that is made in heaven. However, as adults understand that for the most part, they are just fairy tales, and marriage is a social unit created by mutual love and signed before the state. Before the bright day of marrying, people seldom think […]

Child custody after divorce in Indiana

It is possible to draw up an agreement on children during a divorce in the course of the trial, but it is better to discuss everything and decide in advance. It is a mistaken opinion that after a divorce, minors are left to live with the parent who has a material advantage. It is taken […]

Maintaining Your Credit Status

Divorce can be one of the most devastating events in one’s life. But beyond the heartache, there is another pitfall that can bring on huge headaches and threaten your reputation as a financially responsible adult. Your credit standing and identity confidentiality can be serious components of a divorce case. Many people assume that divorce is […]